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  1. Dial #100 from your phone and follow the prompts.
  2. Charges will appear on your TELUS or Koodo mobility bill.
  3. Get a free text message outlining your call details.
Charges will appear on your TELUS or Koodo mobility bill.
Dial #100 from your phone and follow the prompts.
Get a free text message outlining your call details.

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  • Dial 10-10-100 for per minute calling from 1.7¢/minute to over 90 destinations
  • Dial 10-10-620 for unlimited calling from $1 per call to over 100 destinations

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Only per minute*

  • Call cheap United States long distance  U.S.A.
  • Call cheap Australia long distance  Australia
  • Call cheap Austria long distance  Austria
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  • Call cheap France long distance  France
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  • Call cheap Mexico long distance  Mexico
  • Call cheap Morocco long distance  Morocco
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  • Call cheap Norway long distance  Norway
  • Call cheap Puerto Rico long distance  Puerto Rico
  • Call cheap Sinagpore long distance  Singapore
  • Call cheap Spain long distance  Spain
  • Call cheap Taiwan long distance  Taiwan
  • Call cheap United Kingdom long distance  U.K.

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  • Call cheap Bangladesh long distance  Bangladesh
  • Call cheap Bermuda long distance  Bermuda
  • Call cheap Brazil long distance  Brazil
  • Call cheap Brunei long distance  Brunei
  • Call cheap Cambodia long distance  Cambodia
  • Call cheap Chile long distance  Chile
  • Call cheap Costa Rica long distance  Costa Rica
  • Call cheap Czech Republic long distance  Czech Rep.
  • Call cheap Dominican Republic long distance  Dominican Rep.
  • Call cheap Iceland long distance  Iceland
  • Call cheap Japan long distance  Japan
  • Call cheap Laos long distance  Laos
  • Call cheap Malta long distance  Malta
  • Call cheap Panama long distance  Panama
  • Call cheap Peru long distance  Peru
  • Call cheap Romania long distance  Romania
  • Call cheap Russia long distance  Russia
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  • Call cheap South Africa long distance  South Africa
  • Call cheap South Korea long distance  South Korea
  • Call cheap Turkey long distance  Turkey
  • Call cheap Virgin Islands long distance  Virgin Islands
  • Call cheap Vietnam long distance  Vietnam

Only 15¢ per minute*

  • Call cheap Algeria long distance  Algeria
  • Call cheap Andorra long distance  Andorra
  • Call cheap Bahrain long distance  Bahrain
  • Call cheap Colombia long distance  Colombia
  • Call cheap Finland long distance  Finland
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  • Call cheap Macau long distance  Macau
  • Call cheap Monaco long distance  Monaco
  • Call cheap Paraguay long distance  Paraguay
  • Call cheap Uruguay long distance  Uruguay

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Canada, USA & Caribbean:

Dial #100

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Other International:

Dial #100

+ 011 + Country Code +

Area Code + Phone Number